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FDA MedWatch LinkInjured patients should file an adverse event report with the FDA. Absent reports from the public, the FDA will not realize the extent of the dangers of Sargent Paste. Click here to file report. Also ask your doctor to file a report on your behalf. Since reports are voluntary over 90% of adverse events go unreported.

L's Story of Sargenti Paste

This story is considered the most horrendous case of Sargenti damage known in the dental professional. This patient was part of a PrimeTime Live show about Sargenti Paste that aired on February 8, 1990. CBS also aired a story on 60 Minutes.The [patient], age twenty-seven in 1984, underwent several endodontic (root-canal) procedures by her general dentist using the controversial filling material variously called Sargenti paste, N2 and RC2B. The drug has never been approved by the FDA nor the Council on Dental Therapeutics of the ADA, largely because it contains the highly toxic paraformaldehyde and lead and has never been tested for use in humans.Tissue destruction, mummification and a compromise of the local tissue's immune system capabilities results when the drug or its vapors come in contact with bone. The [patient's] immune system became so compromised that she developed a fulminating Actinomycosis infection which resulted in the loss of half of her lower jaw, more than forty surgeries, and medical expenses over $300,000. ...[the patient] settled [the] dental malpractice claim for $1,000,000.

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